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Instruction on how to use
The Mirror Booth

  1. Touch Screen: Gently touch the mirror screen to activate it. The mirror will display various options and instructions for you to follow.

  2. Select Photo Options: If this is an option the mirror will give you options such as single photos, multiple poses, GIFs, color and even B&W. Use the touch screen to make your selection.

  3. Pose and Countdown: Once you have chosen your desired photo format, the mirror will display a live feed of you. please step back, position yourself on the x mark in front of the mirror and strike a pose. Pay attention to any on-screen instructions such as "Look here" or "Smile." The mirror will initiate a countdown to capture the photo(s). You have six seconds in between photos, so strike a different pose for each photo taken, (have fun).

  4. Retake: After each photo taken, the mirror will display a retake button, you may retake a photo as many times as you'd like, "please be considerate of others waiting in line". Once you reached the third photo and satisfied, you cannot retake that specific session of photos. You would have to retake a new session of photos.

  5. Review: The mirror will display a review page. Take a moment to review them, here you can zoom in, place emojis, and doodle, if satisfied, you hit done. If you're not satisfied, you hit cancel and retake a whole new session.

  6. Phone number: Once your review is done, a page will pop up to enter your phone number, you may enter as many phone numbers as you like. After the session is over, every phone number you entered will receive a text message with the pictures you took.

  7. Share (if applicable): After reviewing and personalizing your photos, you can choose to share them digitally. You can usually send the photos to your email address or directly upload them to social media platforms.

  8. Collect Prints: Wait for the prints to be generated by the photo booth, this can take up to 30 seconds. Collect your prints and enjoy your 2 physical copies. If applicable, you can choose how many copies you want on the mirror booth. You can always ask our booth attendant for more additional copies. 

  9. Exit the Photo Booth: Once you have finished with the mirror photo booth, simply step away and move towards the printer to receive your copies. The mirror will automatically reset for the next user. From here you can grab our business card and search us on the web or social media. Thank you and enjoy our mirror booth.

Remember, these instructions may vary slightly depending on the specific package the client asked for. If you have any difficulties or questions, don't hesitate to ask the photo booth attendant for assistance. Enjoy your photo booth experience!

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